03 June 2013

Proposal for Discontinue postal stamp below Rupee one.

Shri. Krishnan Sir,
Secretary General (NFPE),

      As we know, RBI discountinued coins of 10 paise, 25 paise & 50 paise.
     They are not in use in market also.

     Our department selling postage of Dn.10, 25 & 50 paise for use of posting of
     register news papers, printed books, sale of MO forms and other posting.

      My request is to study my point at your level for discountinuation of postage
      stamp below Rupee one. We can earn more revenue on postage and save
      money for printing the postage stamp below Rupee one.

       Please reply the mail when the time spared.

 R.S. Kalange.
Organisating Secretary,
AIPEU Group C,
Maharashtra Circle,
Satara - 415 001.

Reply :
Dear Comrade,

Noted. will be taken up with Secretary Post.

with greetings,

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