28 April 2011

Join NFPE, Fill membership forms immediately

Dear comrades,
        Those who not joined as a member of NFPE immediately join and fill the membership form.

Recent activities of NFPE  Satara Branch.

1. Filling of vacant post of GDSBPM, GDSDA, GDS PACKER.
2. Engagement of outsider in the leave vacancies.
3. Approval of DPC for GDS on seniority basis.
4. Passing of RPLI incentive bills.
5. Approval of combine duty allowance.
6. Filling of post of POSTMEN and Group D from GDS through competative exam.

1. Supply of cloths for Dress, chappals & umbrellas
2. Filling of vacant post of Postmen in all offices as far as possible.
3. Selection of PA's from Postmen through LGO exam.
4. Passing of Speed post, divide beat allowance.

1. Filling of all vacant posts in all offices. Recently, 17 + 39 = 56 posts are filled from direct recruits
    and 4 posts from LGO exam. It will be affects to minimise shortage.
2. Computerisation of all offices with the help of our System Administrators and with precious help of
    our comrades.
3. Fixing of Glass for counters at Karad HO, Panchagani, Mahabaleshwar. This thing nothing happened
    anywhere in our Maharashtra circle.
4. Creation of 3 postmen posts and 5 GDSMD posts at Satara HO to minimise shortage of postmen.
5. Every years transfer policy. To transfer our official at own request.
6. Passing of TA bills, Medical bills of our division.
7. Approval of FPA to our officials.
8. DPC for LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I.
9. Approval of 10,20,30 MACP besides average remarks.

     Much more problems were solved and pending will be solved only with the help of NFPE.
BE STRENGTH OUR NFPE who is struggling for working class movement not for personal affect.

Organisating Secretary,
Maharashtra Circle.