03 July 2014

Retirement of our brave comrades

Dear comrades,
           On 31.05.2014 a/n our divisional brave Com. Shri. P.M. Deo SPM Mahabaleshwar & Shri. D.P. Patil, Stamp Vendor Karad H.O. retired on superannuation.

           On 02.07.2014, Com. Shri. N.N. Kadam, ASPM Phaltan MDG retired voluntorily. He holds top post in Organisation as Vice President AIPEU Group C Maharashtra Circle two times, Divisional Secretary AIPEU Group C two times and President AIPEU Group C two times. At present he is a Chairman, Satara Dist. Postal Co-op Credit Society Ltd. Satara.

            Our great leader com. P.T. Barge, Com. Mahendra Dayal, Com. Vasant Kumbhar, Com. Mohan Vibhute, Com. Prasad Baile, Com. R.R. Kulkarni, Com. R.S. Kalange, Com. P.T. Dixit present at ceremony.

                                              COM. P.M. DEO, SPM MAHABALESHWAR

                                         COM. D.P. PATIL, STAMP VENDOR, KARAD H.O.

                                           COM. N.N. KADAM, ASPM PHALTAN MDG.

19 May 2014

Successful of GDS and Postmen

From 2014 our following GDS candidates were successful in the Departmental Postman Exam.

      1. Shri. S.L. Nikam         GDSBPM Rotol (Parali)
      2. Shri. A.R. Sawant       GDSBPM Ambale (Tarale)
      3. Shri. S.B. Kshirsagar   GDSBPM Mardhe (Anewadi)

Following Postmen were successful in LGO Exam.

      1. Shri. B.B. More         Postman Satara H.O.
      2. Shri. B.S. Sabale       Postman Satara City SO
      3. Shri. D.S. Jadhav      Postman MIDC SO
      4. Shri. K.L. Gurav       Postman Vaduj SO.

          Our union conducted classes for them. Right from 2007 this branch is conducting classes for departmental exams.

10 April 2014

World Women's Day celebrated

At Satara H.O., world women's day celebrated. Police Inspector of Satara City Police station Smt. Deshmukh madam attended as chief guest. Postal Recreation Club, Satara H.O. celebrating it from last five year successfully. All lady comrades from this office and nearest offices are attending the function.

          Shri. Deepak Sathe, Shri. A.S. Takik, Shri. M.M. Vibhute and all other comrades make better arrangement of the function.


09 April 2014

NFPE Satara Branch hold tutions for departmental candidates

Our NFPE Satara branch holding tutions to departmental candidates for success in departmental examinations.

From last five years, many GDS comrades are success in Postman exam as well as in LGO exam.
This year in LGO exam Com. B.B. More Postman Satara H.O.
                                    Com. B.S. Sabale Postman, Satara City SO
                                    Com. D.S. Jadhav Postman, MIDC SO
                                    Com. K.L. Gurav Postman, Vaduj SO were successful and passed LGO exam. Shri. B.B. More on first rank in Maharashtra Circle.

On 30.03.2014 and 06.04.2014, our branch conducted tutions to GDS, who were appeared for Postman exam which will be conducted on 13.04.2013.

Our great leader Com. P.T. Barge, Ex. Circle President AIPEU Group C attended both days.

15 January 2014

Maharashtra Circle Conference

36th AIPEU Group C, Maharashtra Circle Bi-annual Conference

Held at Malegaon Dist. Nasik from 11.01.2014 to 13.01.2014.

       36th Bi-annual Maharashtra Circle Conference successfully held at Malegaon Dist. Nasik from 11.01.2014 to 13.01.2014. Very well arrangement made by Com. Jagdish Pawar, Divnl Sec. Group C Malegaon, Com V.S. Borse, Divnl Sec. Postmen & MTS, Com. Dhanraj Ahire, Divnl Sec. GDS and all comrades of Malegaon Division. Red salute to them for great success of the conference and their contribution to the working class movement.
       NFPE flag hosted by Com. M.Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE and AIPEU Group C flag hosted by Com. B.G. Tamhankar, Ex. President of NFPE. Circle conference held under the chair of President Com. R.T. Bhoyar. Chief Guest Com. M.Krishnan, General Secretary AIPEU Group C, Secretary General NFPE, Confederation given a brief speech to attended comrades about past, present and future of NFPE movement. Com. Shankarrao Kaduskar, Com. B.G. Tamhankar, Com. P.T. Barge and Com. L.M.Parimal also given their valuable speech.

       Out of 52 divisions 46 divisions were attended and put up their organizational review, facing problems and solutions made by Circle in two years. Asstt. Secretary of the region given their answers to them and at last all unanswered problems and present position of the problems, speech given by Com. Mangesh Parab, Circle Secretary AIPEU Group C Maharashtra Circle.

       As we know the face of department is changing and the work also going to change. Target is big and achievement is going to speed but administration wants it to achieve in the first attempt. As like a plant of mango, fruits cannot be made on the second day after plantation. It needs soil, water for great growing then fruits can receive automatically. Group C is the wheel of department and it cannot be stopped but it has a limitation of speed. In the circle conference problems like revision cases made on proposed norms, shortage of staff due to retirement, death, deputations of staff to RMS sections, Division office, Regional office, Circle offices, Harrassement of staff under the name of RPLI Target, building problems, electricity problem, maintenance of UPS, batteries, heavy electricity load shading etc.

       On the last day, all members selected 15 members of circle body for 2014-2016 as below:

       President:              Com. Jagdish Pawar (Malegaon)

       Vice President:       Com. S.V. Magdum (Kolhapur)
                                   Com. A.S. Girnale (Amaravati)
                                   Com. P.K. Kharat( Mumbai North East)

       Circle Secretary:     Com. Mangesh V. Parab (Mumbai GPO)

       Asstt. Secretary:     Com. Surendra Palav (Mumbai East)
                                   Com. A.P. Vaggavad (Nanded)
                                   Com. S.S. Sathe (Nagpur)
                                   Com. D.K. Dhumal (Pune)
                                   Com. Shankar Sawant (Panaji)   

       Finance Secretary:  Com. Suresh Sawant (Mumbai South)

       Asstt.Fin. Secretary: Com. Manoj Jamdade (Mumbai North)

       Org. Secretary:       Com. G.R. Khedekar (Mumbai West)
                                   Com. M.M. Vibhute (Satara)
                                   Com. V.P. Ayare (Mumbai North West)

Yours Comradely,
Satara -415 001