31 December 2011

17 December 2011

End of deputation of our Division from SPCC, Pune

            Right from 1st March 2011, more than 20 PA's are ordered to work at SPCC, Pune keeping shortage at Satara Division.

            We were facing aquite shortage. Our union taken this problem in four monthly meeting with CPMG, Maharashtra Circle. Result is today on 17.12.2011 a/n 8 PA's are relieved to join our division. Remaining PA's will be relieved shortly.

            Keep it up and strengthenth our unity. Problem will be solved. There is nothing any problem without solution.

Thanking you.

R.S. Kalange,

13 December 2011

How to enjoy Child Care Leave

Q   Who are entitled for Child Care Leave?
A    Child Care Leave can be granted to women employees having minor children below the age of 18 years, for a maximum period of 2 years (i.e. 730 days) during their entire service, for taking care of up to two children whether for rearing or to look after any of their needs like examination, sickness etc. Child Care Leave shall not be admissible if the child is eighteen years of age or older.
Q   Am I eligible to draw Salary for the period for which Child Care leave is availed?
A    During the period of such leave, the women employees shall be paid leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave.
Q     Whether CCL can be debited against any other type of Leave admissible to the employee?
A      Child Care Leave shall not be debited against the leave account. Child Care Leave may also be allowed for the third year as leave not due (without production of medical certificate).
Q   Whether Child Care Leave can be combined with any other leave?
A      It may be combined with leave of the kind due and admissible.
Q   Whether Child Care Leave is applicable for third child?
A       No. CCL is not applicable to third Child.
Q     How to maintain Child Care Leave account?
A      The leave account for child care leave shall be maintained in the proforma prescribed by Govt, and it shall be kept along with the Service Book of the Government servant concerned.

Q     Whether CCL can be claimed as a matter of right?
A      The intention of the Pay Commission in recommending Child Care Leave for women employees was to facilitate women employees to take care of their children at the time of need. However, this does not mean that CCL should disrupt the functioning of Central Government offices. The nature of this leave was envisaged to be the same as that of earned leave.
Q   Whether we can prefix or suffix Saturdays, Sundays, and Gazetted holidays?
A      As in the case of Earned Leave, we can prefix or suffix Saturdays, Sundays, and Gazetted holidays with the Child Care Leave.
Q   Should we have any Earned Leave in Credit for the purpose of taking Child Care Leave?
A    There was a condition envisaged in the Office Memorandum relevant to Child Care Leave to the effect that CCL can be availed only if the employee concerned has no Earned Leave at her credit. However, this condition was withdrawn by the Government and as such there is no need for having EL in credit to avail CCL.
Q     Whether CCL can be availed without prior sanction?
A Under no circumstances can any employee proceed on CCL without prior approval of the Leave sanctioning authority.
Q     Can we avail CCL for the children who are not dependents?
A       The Child Care Leave would be permitted only if the child is dependent on the Government servant.
Q     Is there any other conditions apart from the total number of holidays and the age of the child?
A    The Conditions regarding spell of CCL, imposed upon by the Government are that it may not be granted in more than 3 spells in a calendar year and that CCL may not be granted for less than 15 days.
Further, CCL should not ordinarily be granted during the probation period except in case of certain extreme situations where the leave sanctioning authority is fully satisfied about the need of Child Care Leave to the probationer. It may also be ensured that the period for which this leave is sanctioned during probation is minimal.
Q     Whether Earned Leave availed for any purpose can be converted into Child Care Leave? How should applications where the purpose of availing leave has been indicated as 'Urgent Work' but the applicant claims to have utilized the leave for taking care of the needs of the child, be treated?
A      Child Care Leave is sanctioned to women employees having minor children, for rearing or for looking after their needs like examination, sickness etc. Hence Earned Leave availed specifically for this purpose only should be converted.
Q   Whether all Earned Leave availed irrespective of 'number of days i.e. less than 15 days, and number of spells can be converted? In cases where the CCL spills over to the next year: for example 30 days CCL from 27th December, whether the Leave should be treated as one spell or two spells'?
A    No. As the instructions contained in the OM dared 7.9.2010 has been given retrospective effect, all the conditions specified in the OM would have to be fulfilled for conversion of the Earned Leave into Child Care Leave. In cases where the leave spills over to the next year, it may be treated as one spell against the year in which the leave commences.
Q     Whether those who have availed Child Care Leave for more than 3 spells with less than 15 days can avail further Child C31.e Leave for the remaining period of the current year'?
A      No. As per the OM of even number dated 7.9.2010, Child Care Leave may not be granted in more than 3 spells. Hence CCL may not be allowed more than 3 times irrespective of the number of days or times Child Care Leave has been availed earlier.
Q Whether LTC can be availed during Child Care Leave?
A    LTC cannot be availed during Child Care Leave as Child Care Leave is granted for the specific purpose of taking care of a minor child for rearing or for looking after any other needs of the child during examination, sickness etc.

19 November 2011

New Interest rates for Saving Schemes

Instrument Current Rate (%) Proposed Rate (%)
Savings Deposit 3.50 4.0
1 year Time Deposit 6.25 7.7
2 year Time Deposit 6.50 7.8
3 year Time Deposit 7.25 8.0
5 year Time Deposit 7.50 8.3
5 year Recurring Deposit 7.50 8.0
5-year SCSS 9.00 9.0
5 year MIS 8.00 (6 year MIS) 8.2
5 year NSC 8.00 (6 year NSC) 8.4
10 year NSC New Instrument 8.7
PPF 8.00 8.6

(iv) Payment of 5% bonus on maturity of MIS will be discontinued.
Commission to Agents

(i) Payment of commission on PPF schemes (1%) and Senior Citizens Savings Scheme (0.5%) will be discontinued.
(ii) Agency commission under all other schemes (except MPKBY agents) will be reduced from existing 1% to 0.5%.
(iii) Commission at existing rate of 4% will continue for Mahila Pradhan Kshetriya Bachat Yojana (MPKBY) agents.
(iv) Incentives, if any, paid by the State/UT Governments will be reduced from the commission paid by the Central Government.

11 November 2011

Successful CWC at Ratnagiri

                Our Maharashtra Circle Working Committee Meeting was held at Ratnagiri on 07/11/2011 to 08/11/2011. Shri. Nilesh Rane, M.P. Ratnagiri was inagurated the function. Comrade Tamhankar also attended the function.
                Too many problems were discussed in the delibrate session. 46 divisions along with their delegates and visitors were attended. From our Satara Division Com. M.M. Vibhute, Com. R.R. Kulkarni, Com. S.P.Nikam, Com. R.S. Parbat and Com. R.S. Kalange were attended the meeting.
                Many burning problems like as target on all premium products, shortage of staff, excess staff at DO, RO, CO level, Strike position of RMS. Organisational review, recruitment and promotions, DPC held or not at all level and any other problems under the permission of Com. president.
               Our Divisional Secretary gave their speech on the burning problems of our division. Com. R.S. Kalange gave their speech on the organisational review of Maharashtra Circle.
               Next Maharashtra conference is to be held at Amaravati from 19/02/2012 to 21/02/2012. Voluntories are requested to send their applications to the Divisional Secretary on or before 31/01/2012.

R.S. Kalange
Organising Secretary,
AIPEU Group C,
Maharashtra Circle.

25 October 2011

24 October 2011

DA Rates for Contingent staff

Dear comrades,
                Rate of DA for contingent staff increased from 115% to 127% w.e.f. 01.07.2011.

It is observed that some of the offices were paid DA to contingent staff as like departmental employees. It will be excess payment. As like departmental staff and GDS staff DA is applicable @ 58% from 6CPC.

     Till date revised pay structure for contingent staff not approved by Min. of Finance. So, please understand the rates and pay only 127% DA to contingent staff w.e.f. 01.07.2011.

Organising Secretary,
AIPEU Group C,
Maharashtra Circle.
Mob. 98509 54083

21 October 2011

Postal Bank to be finalized in next six months

Postal Bank to be finalized in Next Six Months
Shri Kapil Sibal Addresses Economic Editors’ Conference 2011
detailed Project Report For Postal Bank to be Finalized in Next Six Months
Shri Kapil Sibal, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology informed the Economic Editor’s Conference here today that
“One organization and sector which is rarely talked in public but which is equally important for empowering the common man is Postal Department. With its network of 1.55 lakh post offices and wide range of financial, mailing and insurance, post offices in India have the enormous potential to join and ride on the ICTE agenda. To enable post offices to serve the 21st century Indians, reform agenda is underway
“One, Indian Post Office Bill 2011. To reform and open the Indian Postal Market, which will ultimately result in a vibrant industry and satisfied customers. The bills aims to open the Indian postal market with 50 gm privilege to India Post for a maximum of 15 years, registration of couriers by an independent registration authority and USO of postal sector to be borne wholly by the government. Discussions with stakeholders ( couriers, industry bodies and government agencies) is underway and bill will shortly introduced in the Parliament for approval.
“Two, IT Modernization Project. It has been approved by the Cabinet and essentially involves
· Computerization and networking of 1.55 lakh post offices.
· Core banking solution for Anytime Anywhere Banking through Post Offices with ATM facility
· Delivery of banking, insurance and mailing services in rural areas through hand held device.
· Postal Network to deliver a host of retail ( banking, financial and e-com services) with technology enabled solutions
· Post Offices to become hub of social security payment through digital network
“Three, setting up of Postal Bank of India – Detailed Project Report will be finalized in next six months. This will enable India Post to extend micro credit and other loans through vast network of 1.55 lakh post offices. Coupled with other financial services like micro remittance, micro insurance and micro pensions, postal bank of India will help to achieve the goal of financial inclusion in India
“Four, Commercialization of Postal Network in India, to ensure that a large number of financial, insurance and physical goods and services are delivered to the common man though India Post.

19 October 2011


Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
(Establishment Division)
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110001
Dated 18th October, 2011

            All Chief Postmaster General
            All GMs (PAF) Director of Accounts (Postal)

Subject: Payment of Dearness Allowance to Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) at revised                   rates w.e.f. 01.07.2011 onwards-reg.

            Consequent upon grant of another installment of Dearness allowance , with effect from 1st July, 2011 to the Central Government Employees vide Government of India , Ministry of Finance , Department of Expenditure, OM No. 1(14)/2011-E-II(B) dated 3rd October,2011, the Gramin Dak Sevaks(GSD) have also become entitled to the payment of dearness allowance on basic TRCA at the revised rate with effect from 01.07.2011. It has, therefore, been decided that the dearness allowance payable to the Gramin Dak Sevaks shall be enhances from the existing rate 51% to 58% on the basic Time Related Continuity Allowance with effect from the 1st July, 2011.

2.         The additional installment of dearness allowance payable under this order, shall be paid in cash to all Gramin Dak Sevaks. The payment of arrears of dearness allowance for the months of July to September, 2011, shall not be made before the date of disbursement of TRCA for the month of September, 2011.

3.         The expenditure on this account shall be debited to the Head" Salaries" the relevant head of account and should be met from the sanctioned grant.

4.         This issues with the concurrence of Integrated Wing vide their Dairy No. 123/FA/II/CS dated 18th October, 2011.

(Kalpana Rajsinghot)
Director  (Estt.)

24 September 2011

Bonus Orders Issued

        On 23/09/2011, DOP has issued orders or Bonus for 2010-11 for 60 days.
Ceilling limit for Regular Departmental employee is Rs.3500/- and
for GDS Rs.2500/- remain unchanged.

         Orders of DA will be issued shortly. Cabinet already approved DA increased by 7%.

22 September 2011

Special Allowances & Advances increased by 25 % from 01.01.2011

Dear Comrades,
All Special allowances like as SB Allowance, Treasury Allowance, Washing Allowance is increased by 25% from 01.01.2011. Now SB Allowance   Rs. 375/-
                                     Treasury Allow Rs. 400/-
                                     Washing Allow Rs. 75/-.     

Also Festival Advance is increased from 3000 to Rs. 3750.

F. No. 4/6/2008-Estt.(Pay II)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pension
Department of Pension & Pensioner's Welfare
Dated 13th Sep, 2011


Sub:   Revision of Special Allowance and Cash Handling Allowance as a result of   enhancement of Dearness Allowance w.e.f. 1.1.2011

            This Department has been receiving references regarding revision of Special Allowance and Cash Handling Allowance subsequent to increase in the rate of DA @ 51% w.e.f. 1.1.2011.

2.         This Department's O.M.No.4/6/2008-Estt.(Pay II) dated 1st October,2008 states that the rates of Special Allowance and Cash Handling Allowance will be automatically increased by 25% every time the Dearness Allowance payable on revised pay scales goes up by 50%.

3.         All Ministries /Deptts. are, therefore, advised to take necessary action accordingly.

     {Mukesh Chaturvedi}
     Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India 

20 July 2011

HRA in lieu of Head quarters rate increased.

Dear comrades,

        HRA in lieu of Head quarters applicable to those SPM's who have no quarters, they are
compensate with following rates.

Existing rate Rs. 219/-          Revised rate Rs. 310/-

Orders effected from 01.07.2010

LGO Exam-2010 result

Our four postmen comrades successful in LGO Exam-2010

1. Com. S.B. Nanaware, Postman Phaltan
2. Com  B.R. Dhembare, Postman Sangamnagar
3. Com  D.R. Shende, Postman Rahimatpur
4. Com  Raju Salunkhe, Postman Karad H.O.

Congratulations to all.

R.S. Kalange

28 April 2011

Join NFPE, Fill membership forms immediately

Dear comrades,
        Those who not joined as a member of NFPE immediately join and fill the membership form.

Recent activities of NFPE  Satara Branch.

1. Filling of vacant post of GDSBPM, GDSDA, GDS PACKER.
2. Engagement of outsider in the leave vacancies.
3. Approval of DPC for GDS on seniority basis.
4. Passing of RPLI incentive bills.
5. Approval of combine duty allowance.
6. Filling of post of POSTMEN and Group D from GDS through competative exam.

1. Supply of cloths for Dress, chappals & umbrellas
2. Filling of vacant post of Postmen in all offices as far as possible.
3. Selection of PA's from Postmen through LGO exam.
4. Passing of Speed post, divide beat allowance.

1. Filling of all vacant posts in all offices. Recently, 17 + 39 = 56 posts are filled from direct recruits
    and 4 posts from LGO exam. It will be affects to minimise shortage.
2. Computerisation of all offices with the help of our System Administrators and with precious help of
    our comrades.
3. Fixing of Glass for counters at Karad HO, Panchagani, Mahabaleshwar. This thing nothing happened
    anywhere in our Maharashtra circle.
4. Creation of 3 postmen posts and 5 GDSMD posts at Satara HO to minimise shortage of postmen.
5. Every years transfer policy. To transfer our official at own request.
6. Passing of TA bills, Medical bills of our division.
7. Approval of FPA to our officials.
8. DPC for LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I.
9. Approval of 10,20,30 MACP besides average remarks.

     Much more problems were solved and pending will be solved only with the help of NFPE.
BE STRENGTH OUR NFPE who is struggling for working class movement not for personal affect.

Organisating Secretary,
Maharashtra Circle.

31 March 2011

Issue of Family Planning Allowance from date of Operation

Sub:            Irregular Orders of Family Planning Allowance

Ref:      Nil.

In Satara Division, our 7 members were submitted their claims of Family Planning Allowance to the SSPO's, Satara Division. The claims were forwarded to the PMG, Pune for sanction.
All the claims are to be sanctioned by the Head of the Office i.e. The SSPO's, Satara as per order G.I.M.F., O.M.No., 7(39)-E. III/79, dated the 19th July, 1980 and Min. of Health & F.W., O.M.No. 23011/3/55-PLY, dated the 26the February, 1988. (Pl. see FR.27).
After the submission of the claims to the PMG, Pune, all were sanctioned after long time i.e. After the 1,2,3 years with orders of effect i.e. FPA will be effective from the order of issue.
Sir, this is injustice and in-contravation of the orders of G.I. M.F., O.M.No., 7(39)-E. III/79 dated 4the December, 1979 and the 30th September, 1980, C.&A.G., Letter No. 1222-NGE-1/25/80, dated the 20th April, 1982 and G.I., M.H. & F.W., O.M.No. V-11011/1/81-US (P), dated the 18the January, 1983.
Also, this in contravation of the orders of G.I.Dept. Of Posts, Circular Letter No.14—1/90-Medical, dated the 20th June, 1990.
Sir, I was stydied FR-27 and I realized that injustice made i/r/o postal employees and I think this was happened in Satara Division and can be happened in whole Pune Division.
You are requested to please take the issue in RCM meeting.

Thanking you.
Yours comradely,

Organising Secretary,
AIPEU Group C,
Maharashtra Circle.

22 March 2011

Calender of Departmental Exam. 2011

Directorate vide memo No. A-34012/02/2010-DE dated 16.03.2011 has notified Calendar of Departmental Examination for 2011 in suppression of its earlier letter dated 29.12.2010.

I. Centralized Examinations :

Name of Exam
Date of Exam
LGOs exam for promotion to PAs / SAs
PSS Gr. B examination 2010
PAs / SAs Direct Recruit 2011
Inspector of Posts
06 & 07.08.2011
Jr. Engineer (C&E)
Asst Engineer (C&E)
Postmaster Grade I
15 & 16.10.2011
Senior Postmaster

II. De-centralized Examinations :

Name of Exam
Date of Exam
LDCs to Jr. Acct in PAOs
05 & 06.11.2011
Confirmation exam for DR Jr. Account in PAOs
12 & 13.11.2011
Postman Exam for Direct Recruit and Departmental Promotion
Direct Recruit Exam for appointment as Multi Tasking Staff

When DA Cross 50 %

Name of the Allowances & Advances
Dept. & Order No.
Children Education Assistance & Reimbursement of Tuition Fee
DOPT 12011/03/2008Estt.(Allowance dated 2.9.2008
Advances for purchase of Bicycle Advance, Warm clothing Advance, Festival Advance, Natural Calamity Advance
. Fin. Min. No.12(1)E.II(A)/20087 Dated 10.2008
Special Compensatory Hill Area Allowance
.Min. of Fin.4(2)/2008-E.II (B) Dated 29.8.2008
Special Compensatory Scheduled / Tribal Area Allowance
Fin. Min. 17(1)/2008-E.II (B) Dated 29.8.2008
Project Allowance
Fin. Min. Dated 29.8.2008
Special Compensatory (Remote Locality) Allowance
Fin. Min. 3(1)/2008-E.II(B) Dated 29.8.2008
Cycle Maintenance Allowance
Fin. Min. 19039/3/2008-E.IV Dated 29.8.2008
Mileage for road journey all components of daily allowance on tour, rate of transportation of personal effects
. Fin. Min. 19030/3/2008-E.V Dated 23.9.2008
Rates of Conveyance Allowance under
SR-25 Fin. Min. 19039/2/2008-E.IV Dated 23.9.2008
Washing Allowance
Fin. Min. 14/3/2008-JCA dated 11.9.2008
Split Duty Allowance
Fin. Min. 9(11)/2008-E.II (B)29.8.2008
Spl. Allowance for Child Care for Women with Disabilities and Education Allowance for disabled children
DOPT 12011/04/2008-Estt.(Allowance)Dated :11.9.2008
Cash Handling Allowance
DOPT 4/6/2008-Estt.(Pay.II)
Dated 1.10.2008
Risk Allowance
DOPT 21012/1/2008Estt.(Allowance)
Dated 12.3.2009.
Postgraduate Allowance
Min.of Hohfw A.45012/4/2008-CHS.V Dated 6.4.2009
.Desk Allowance
DOPT 1/10/2009-PIC Dated 7.4.2009
Bad Climate Allowance
Fin. Min. 1/10/2008-E.II(B)
dated 29.8.2008