31 March 2011

Issue of Family Planning Allowance from date of Operation

Sub:            Irregular Orders of Family Planning Allowance

Ref:      Nil.

In Satara Division, our 7 members were submitted their claims of Family Planning Allowance to the SSPO's, Satara Division. The claims were forwarded to the PMG, Pune for sanction.
All the claims are to be sanctioned by the Head of the Office i.e. The SSPO's, Satara as per order G.I.M.F., O.M.No., 7(39)-E. III/79, dated the 19th July, 1980 and Min. of Health & F.W., O.M.No. 23011/3/55-PLY, dated the 26the February, 1988. (Pl. see FR.27).
After the submission of the claims to the PMG, Pune, all were sanctioned after long time i.e. After the 1,2,3 years with orders of effect i.e. FPA will be effective from the order of issue.
Sir, this is injustice and in-contravation of the orders of G.I. M.F., O.M.No., 7(39)-E. III/79 dated 4the December, 1979 and the 30th September, 1980, C.&A.G., Letter No. 1222-NGE-1/25/80, dated the 20th April, 1982 and G.I., M.H. & F.W., O.M.No. V-11011/1/81-US (P), dated the 18the January, 1983.
Also, this in contravation of the orders of G.I.Dept. Of Posts, Circular Letter No.14—1/90-Medical, dated the 20th June, 1990.
Sir, I was stydied FR-27 and I realized that injustice made i/r/o postal employees and I think this was happened in Satara Division and can be happened in whole Pune Division.
You are requested to please take the issue in RCM meeting.

Thanking you.
Yours comradely,

Organising Secretary,
AIPEU Group C,
Maharashtra Circle.

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