18 February 2015

AIPEU GROUP C Divisional conference held on 15.02.2015

All India Postal Employees Union Group C, Satara Divisonal bio-annual successfully held at Satara Postal Co-Op. Society Hall on 15.02.2015.

Following Divisional Body has been selected for 2015-2017.

President:                Com. P. B. Baile, PA Satara HO
Working President:  Com. R.S. Kalange, Accountant, Satara HO
Vice Presidents:       Com. Smt. M.M. Nalawade, ASPM Phaltan MDG
                               Com. Shri. V.B. Desai, PA Karad HO

Divisional Secretary: Com. M.M. Vibhute, DOPLI, Satara

Asstt. Secretaries:     Com. S.P. Nikam, OADO Satara
                                Com. Arun Bhoj, PA Karad HO
                                Com. Smt. R.H. Thatte, PA Koregaon
Financial Secretary:   Com. S.A. Mulay, PA Satara City
Asst. fin. secretary:    Com. P.B. Shinde, PA Satara HO
Organising secretary:  Com. R.S. Parbat, PA MIDC
                                 Com. Rahul Jadhav, PA Karad HO
                                 Com. D.L. More, SPM Bavdhan
                                 Com. R.W. Sanap, PA Vaduj
                                 Com. Smt. Sumedha Mane, PA Satara HO
Auditor:                     Com. A.B. Shelke, SPM Vathar
                                  Com. Vishal Pawar, PA Satara HO

Congratulations all and best wishes to all.
All were decided to hold next Maharashtra Circle Conference at Satara. 

12 February 2015

Bio-Annual Divisional Conference notice

Bio-Annual Divisional Conference of AIPEU Group C, Satara Divisional Branch, Satara is to be held on 15.02.2015 at Satara Dist. Postal Co-op Society Hall, Satara - 415 001.

Meeting will be started sharp on 11.00 on 15.02.2015 under the President Com. Shri. Prasad Baile.
Com. Mangesh Parab, Circle Secretary AIPEU Group C, Maharashtra Circle and working President of AIPEU Group C, Central headquarters will attend the meeting.
Our another guest Advocate Com. P.T. Barge, Ex. Circle President AIPEU Group C Maharashtra Circle will also attending the meeting.

Following items will be discussed in the Divisional Conference,
1. Last two years progress,
2. Agitations made by Divisional branch,
3. Problems will be discussed in the meeting and all comrades requested to prepare them for presentation.
4. Discussion on next Circle conference is arranged at Satara Divisional branch,
5. Resolutions if any,
6. Last two years income and expenditure,
7. Election/Selection of new body for next two years.
8. Lunch.

All AIPEU Group C comrades are requested to attend the Divisional Conference.

Yours comradely,

Mohan Vibhute,
Divisional Secretary,
AIPEU Group C,
Satara Division - 415 001.

11 February 2015

Part Time/ Contengency wage Revision

D.G. Posts O.M. No. 2-53/2011-PCC dated 22 Jan 2015.

The issue of remuneration payable to Full Time Casual Labourers (Other than Temporary Status) and Part Time Casual Labourers has been under consideration of the Department for quite some time. The matter has been examined in consultation with the Nodal Ministries/Departments and it has been decided, that the remuneration payable to casual labourers would be as under:

(i)         The wages of Full Time Casual Labourers (Other than Temporary Status) would be calculated at the minimum of Pay Band-1 (Rs.5200-20200) i.e. Rs. 5200 plus a Grade Pay of Rs.1300/- and Dearness Allowance as admissible from time to time. In addition , the benefit of merge of 50% of dearness allowance would also be admissible in terms of DoPT O.M. No. 49014/5/2004-Estt(C)  dated 31.05.2004.

(ii)        So far as Part Time Casual Labourers are concerned , their wages would be calculated on pro-rata basis, in terms of hours of duty put in, with respect to the minimum of Pay Band-1(Rs.5200-20200) plus a Grade Pay of Rs.1300/- and Dearness Allowance as admissible from time to time . I addition , the benefit of merge of 50% of dearness allowance would also be admissible in terms of DoPT O.M. No. 49014/5/2004-Estt(C) dated 31.05.2004.

2.         The revision as aforesaid in sub paras (i) to (ii) will take effect from 01.01.2006.

3.         For the Full Time Casual Labouers covered by Para 1(v) of DoPT O.M. No. 49014/2/86 Estt.(C) dated 07.06.1988 i.e. the full time casual labourers, who are engaged to perform work different from the work performed by regular employees, will continue to be remunerated  based on the minimum wages prescribed by Central or State Government, whichever is higher.

4.         This issues with concurrence of Integrated Finance Wing vide Diary No. 343/FA/2015/CS dated 22.01.

02 February 2015

NFPE Panel wins Dist. Postal Co-op Society Elections 2014-2019.

On 21.12.2014, NFPE panel wins Satara District Postal Co-op Credit Society Elections.
Following members were elected as body members.

1.   Shri. R.R. Kulkarni, PA Parali,                        Chairman 
2.   Smt. I.P. Zepale, APM Accounts Satara HO., Vice Chairman
3.   Shri. P.B. Baile, PA Satara H.O.                      Director
4.   Smt. A.D. Pandit, PA SBCO Satara H.O.        Director
5.   Shri. R.S. Kalange, Accountant Satara H.O.     Director
6.   Shri. M.M. Vibhute, DOPLI Satara                  Director
7.   Shri. S.R. Doshi, PA Phaltan                             Director
8.   Shri. B.S. Gawade, Postman Phaltan                 Director
9.   Shri. M.S. Jadhav, SPM Wai City                     Director
10. Shri. D.D. Mane, Postman Karad H.O.             Director
11. Shri. A.Y. Gaikwad, SPM M.Yard Karad        Director
12. Shri. R.M. Rajmane, PA Karad H.O.                Director
13. Shri. P.B. Kakade, PA Wai                               Director
14. Shri. A.A. Lomate, OADO Satara                     Director
15. Shri. C.B. Kanase, PA Vaduj                            Director
16. Shri. M.N. Dayal, Postman Satara City PO        Director
17. Smt. S.S. Dange, Stamp Vendor Satara City      Director
18. Smt. Sarika D. Mane, PA Satara H.O.               Director
19. Shri. D.V. Sathe, PA Satara H.O.                      Director
20. Shri. P.V. Prabhune, PA Satara H.O.                 Director
21. Shri. A.K. Inamdar, Postman Satara H.O.          Director
22. Shri. P.T. Barge, Ex.Cir.Presedent, P-III            Technical Director
23. Shri. M.J. Nalawade, SPM MNGL Peth STR    Managing Director

Congratulations to all members and well wishers !!!

Postmen & MTS Division conference held on 01.02.2015 successfully.

On 01.02.2015 All India Postmen & MSE Union, Satara Divisional Branch conference held successfully at Postal Society Hall, Satara. Divisional body as below:

President :                   Shri. M.N. Dayal     Head Postman Satara City PO
Vice President:            Shri. V.S. Ransing    M.O. Vaduj Sub Dn.
                                   Shri. R.S. Kirtane    Sorting Postman, Satara City PO
                                   Shri. B.V. Raut        Head Postman, Karad H.O.

Divisional Secretary :   Shri. Vasantrao J. Kumbhar, Postman Satara City PO

Asstt. Secretary:         Shri. G.K. Jadhav, Postman Phaltan
                                  Shri. G.H. Dhole, MTS Satara H.O.
                                  Shri. T.D. Bhole, Postman Karad H.O.
                                  Smt. A.D. Nikam, Stamp Vendor Satara H.O.
Finance Secretary:      Shri. D.N. Nikam, Postman Satara H.O.
Asstt. Fin. Secretary:  Shri. S.B. Kshirsagar, Postman Satara City PO
Org.Secretary:            Shri. S.V. Raut, Postman Panchagani SO
                                  Shri. A.K. Attar, Postman Patan S.O.
                                  Shri. A.G. Mohite, Postman Wai S.O.
                                  Shri. U.M. Mohite, Postman Satara City
                                  Shri. Y.A. Mahadik, Postman Satara City
Auditor:                      Shri. P.H. Puri, MO Wai
                                  Shri. P.A. Nikam, Postman Satara H.O.