19 December 2017

PO/RMS Accountants problem yet not settled

Dear Comrades,
         In 7 CPC many allowances are abolished. Accountant Allowance also abolished.
I have some queries regarding allowances.

        below mentioned para of 7 CPC for study.

7.7.5 The matter has been examined. The Commission notes that the mode of
recruitment, entry level qualification and the duties and responsibilities of
the organised accounts cadres are different when compared to those of
unorganised accounts cadres. Similarly, the skill sets of the organised
accounts cadres are also fairly higher. The organised accounts cadres have
to compulsorily pass various examinations for promotions. This may not
be the case in respect of unorganised accounts cadres. In this backdrop, the
Commission feels that the unorganised accounts cadres cannot be treated
at par with organised accounts cadres. The demands relating to merger
of their cadres with other services is also not feasible. The Commission
recommends replacement pay levels for unorganised accounts cadres.

          Here, my say is to change level of Accountant i.e. from 2400 to 2800 and so on, then they can be benefited.