05 March 2018

Clarification on benchmark (Good to Very Good)

 15th Feb., 2018.

Hon. Secretary General,
New Delhi- 110 001.

Sub:     Clarification regarding benchmark for placement under
             MACP in respect  of the official who are due for
             placement in MACP after 25.07.2016.

Ref:      DOPT letter No. F.No. 35034/3/2015-Estt.(D) dated 
            27th September 2016 and Clarification letter addressed 
            to CPMG, Mumbai vide Directorate letter No. 20-45/2016-
SPB-II dtd. 22.01.2018

In the above cited referred orders, financial upgradation 
under MACPs will be granted to those, whose remarks in 
APAR as “Very Good”, which are “Good” before 7the CPC.

These orders are effective from 25/07/2016. But neither 
 DOPT nor DOP has mentioned about previous APAR. 
Remarks from 25/07/2016 can be considered for future 
upgradations but those officials remarks in previous five 
years as “Good” may be considered for upgradation.

          You are requested to look in the matter and enable both 
          Department to issue the orders for above cited orders 
          will effect from prospective date not retrospective effect.
          Then not a one percent officials will got benefited under 

            Thanking you.

           Yours  sincerely,

           [R.S. Kalange]

Copy to:
            Com. General Secretary,
            AIPEU Group C,
            CHQ, New Delhi.

            Com. Circle Secretary,
            AIPEU Group C,
            Maharashtra Circle,