12 February 2015

Bio-Annual Divisional Conference notice

Bio-Annual Divisional Conference of AIPEU Group C, Satara Divisional Branch, Satara is to be held on 15.02.2015 at Satara Dist. Postal Co-op Society Hall, Satara - 415 001.

Meeting will be started sharp on 11.00 on 15.02.2015 under the President Com. Shri. Prasad Baile.
Com. Mangesh Parab, Circle Secretary AIPEU Group C, Maharashtra Circle and working President of AIPEU Group C, Central headquarters will attend the meeting.
Our another guest Advocate Com. P.T. Barge, Ex. Circle President AIPEU Group C Maharashtra Circle will also attending the meeting.

Following items will be discussed in the Divisional Conference,
1. Last two years progress,
2. Agitations made by Divisional branch,
3. Problems will be discussed in the meeting and all comrades requested to prepare them for presentation.
4. Discussion on next Circle conference is arranged at Satara Divisional branch,
5. Resolutions if any,
6. Last two years income and expenditure,
7. Election/Selection of new body for next two years.
8. Lunch.

All AIPEU Group C comrades are requested to attend the Divisional Conference.

Yours comradely,

Mohan Vibhute,
Divisional Secretary,
AIPEU Group C,
Satara Division - 415 001.

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