19 May 2014

Successful of GDS and Postmen

From 2014 our following GDS candidates were successful in the Departmental Postman Exam.

      1. Shri. S.L. Nikam         GDSBPM Rotol (Parali)
      2. Shri. A.R. Sawant       GDSBPM Ambale (Tarale)
      3. Shri. S.B. Kshirsagar   GDSBPM Mardhe (Anewadi)

Following Postmen were successful in LGO Exam.

      1. Shri. B.B. More         Postman Satara H.O.
      2. Shri. B.S. Sabale       Postman Satara City SO
      3. Shri. D.S. Jadhav      Postman MIDC SO
      4. Shri. K.L. Gurav       Postman Vaduj SO.

          Our union conducted classes for them. Right from 2007 this branch is conducting classes for departmental exams.

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