23 May 2013

Proposal to be taken for Promotion of LSG(NB) to HSG-II for study.

Dear Shri. M. Krishnan Sir,
Secretary General (NFPE),

          At present, as per directorate's orders, promotions given to HSG-II officials as advoc HSG-I, Inspector of Posts to advoc ASP, ASP to advoc Group B and Group B to  Group A advoc on completion of their satisfactorily service in parent cadre. Their promotions are regularised when regular DPC is held or any arrangement is made, whichever is earlier. Means, on promotion parent cadre's post become vacant. There is no any financial benefit on promotion till regular promotion is held. 

         My suggestion is to take proposal for promotion of LSG(NB) officials who were completed their satisfactorily service in LSG (NB) and they are due for promotion to HSG-II but some of the administrative reasons DPC is not held. They may be immediately promoted on advoc basis to HSG-II cadre as far as possible in the division if the post of HSG-II lying vacant. This affects post of LSG (NB) on divisional level become vacant, our Postal Assistant cadre can occupy LSG(NB) post on promotion in the division level they cannot be decline regular promotion and the post of Postal Assistant cadre become vacant and new chances are open for new  comers. Our union can help empty hands to give job in our department and this is one of the our duty.

        Please study my point and reply when time spared for me.

R.S. Kalange
Organising Circle Secretary,
AIPEU Group C,
Maharashtra Circle,
Satara - 415 001
98509 54083.
94038 19009.

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