31 January 2012

Monthly Meeting with SSPO's Satara on 30/01/2012

Monthly meeting held with SSPO’s Satara on 30/01/2012.
Admn side     Hon. Shri. A.A. Zoal, SSPO’s Satara
                        Hon. Shri. U.S. Janwade, ASPO’s Satara Hq.

Staff Side      Com. R.S. Kalange, Org. Secretary, Maharashtra Circle
                       Com. M.M. Vibhute, Divnl Secretary, Satara Dn.

            Following items were discussed in the meeting.

Review of Pending items.
2/11     Supply of fake note detector minimum to LSG, HSG offices.
            Item was discussed and SSPO’s assured that fake note detector will be supplied to 
            Cash offices in the first phase and after receipt of sufficient funds all offices will be   
            supplied fake note detectors.

3/11    Non functioning of Speed Post board at Satara DO building.
            AE civil addressed to review and prepare expenditure for the same.

4/11    Opening of departmental sub office at Kodoli (MIDC)
            SDI (East) reminded to take necessary action earlier.

5/11    Building problem of Supane & Pussesavali.
            As far as possible land-lord addressed to repair the SPM quarter immediately.
6/11    Provision of Motor cycle stand at Satara H.O.
            AE civil reminded to review and prepare expenditure for the same.
7/11    Non-supply of generators to B class offices.
            Requirement of generators was made to RO due to huge expenditure, which is not in
            capacity at divisional level.

8/11    Non functioning of Water coolers at Satara H.O, Karad H.O & Phaltan MDG.
            Water cooler repaired and in working condition at Satara HO. In respect of Karad HO
            quotations are called for and will be finalized earlier. In respect of Phaltan MDG
            requirement will be examined with the help of guidelines.

9/11    Suspension of SPM quarter at Ogalewadi.
Ogalewadi SPM quarter will be suspended immediately and positive note will be prepare to RO for suspension quarter. Till the next meeting agenda item will be settled.

12/11 Fixing of glass to counters at  Vaduj SO. 
            SPM Vaduj not responding to this item. He will be reminded for submission for
            quotations for the fixing of the glass to counters.

13/11 White wash to SPM’s Quarters Panchgani.
            AE civil addressed to review and prepare expenditure for the same.

14/11   DPC for Ist half and IInd half of 2011.
            DPC for 10, 20, 30 will be held on 07/02/2012 positively.

15/11   Authorization of AMA at Satara, Karad and Phaltan.
           District Magistrate will be call for the search report.

16/11   Supply of CC TV cameras to Satara H.O., Karad H.O., Mahabaleshwar, Panchagani, Wai and Satara City.
          Agenda item was discussed in deeply and SSPO’s asked ASPO’s to visit the concern agency for supply of CC TV cameras. Due to huge expenditure the arrangement will be made at Satara HO, Karad HO and Satara City in first phase.

17/11   Engagement of staff of our division to SPCC Pune.
          SSPO’s requested to take the item at higher level.

19/11   Non functioning of UPS at B class offices.
          AMC for UPS finalized and will be functioned regularly.

21/11   Condemnation of computers which were supplied in 2000.
          All System administrators were asked to submit their report immediately for condemnation of old computers and requirement for new hardware.

New agenda items.

1.      Shortage of computer stationery
As our division going to fully computerised. To take daily reports of MPCM transactions, Savings bank, daily A/c, they needs 10 x 12 part –II stationery. At present they faced shortage of computerised stationery. We are requested to weep out the shortage of stationery.

SSPO’s assured that when any requirement received at Divisional office, computer papers will be supplied immediately.

2.      Suspension of post attach quarter at Mahimangad.
At present SPM quarter is not in condition to live there. Until its repairing from landlord, we are requested to suspend the SPM quarter temporarily.

Land lord of Mahimangad addressed for repairing of SPM quarter.

3.      Shortage of staff at Sub offices.
This agenda item was discussed in each monthly meeting with your honour. Many times assurance given to wait till new recruitment. Now, new recruitment is made but many staff is detained in DO without observing sanctioned strength of DO. As per RCM decision shortage of staff will be distributed in all office equally. In this matter you are requested to take necessary step to follow RCM decision.

As work of MNOP, Speed Post, eMO and decentralization of PLI and RPLI huge work is pending for completion. As per requirement of SPM’s sufficient staff is deputed for scanning and data-entry work to sub offices.

4.      Mail arrangement of Khandala & Shirwal.
This item was also discussed in many monthly meetings. At present mail received to these offices not before 13.00 o’clock, then how can we follow the orders of higher authority to hand over the ordinary and valuable articles to postmen for delivery before 11.00 o’clock. In this connection, you are requested to take the matter on priority for better service to member of public.
Necessary arrangement was made and regularized shortly. ASPO’s personally visited Divisional controller ST.

5.      Safe of Kuroli-siddheshwar.
No safe is installed at Kuroli Siddheshwar SO. As a pecuniary measure, you are requested to look in this matter.

When the new chest available will be installed immediately at Kuroli Siddheshwara SO.

6.      Stepping up cases
Stepping cases of Shri. A.A.Bhosale, Shri. Y.A. Shaikh, Shri. A.S. Kulkarni, Shri. S.S. Swami & Shri. J.S. Patel are pending from long period. Please look into the matter.

This item will be finalized shortly.

7.      Requirement of Toilet Room at Katar-Khatav.
No toilet room is provided at Katar Khatav office.
            Land lord of Katar-Khatav addressed to provide toilet for PO.

At the end of meeting SSPO’s personally appreciated to all given items, which was taken in welfare of employees, department and for the better service of member of public. They assured that rotational transfers will be made as per choice stations of employees taking consideration performance of each employee. 

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