20 January 2011

Monthly meeting with SSPO's Satara for Jan.2011

Items for 20th Jan.11 meeting with SSPO’s, Satara.

Com. R.S.Kalange, Com. M.M.Vibhute & Com. S.P.Nikam attended the meeting.
Review of Pending items.

  1. Provision of Telephone facility to Kolki SO, Vaduj Town So.
Reply : Requirement sent to RO, Pune for approval.

  1. Supply of fake note detector minimum to LSG, HSG offices.
Reply: The same will be supply within a two months.

  1. Non functioning of Speed Post board at Satara DO building.
Reply: Sr. Postmaster, Satara H.O. asked to repair it on top priority.

  1. Opening of departmental sub office at Kodoli (MIDC)
Reply: A fresh proposal is taken for examination. After review of income and cost, business to be collected it will be opened if the target for opening of new SO.

  1. Fixing of glass to counters at Karad H.O., Panchagani & Mahabaleshwar
Reply: Mahabaleshwar counter glasses were fixed and i/r/o Karad H.O. and Panchagani consern officials as well as ASPO’s are addressed to fix it immediately.

  1. Irregular deputations / orders for deputations.
Reply: In leave period it is necessary to send any official for running the offices smoothly. No any irregular order has been issued. If any please keep for notice.

  1. Shortage of staff at Malhar peth, Mangalwar Peth(Satara), Budh, Mayani, Katar-Khatav, Khatav & Pusegaon.
Reply: After training of new 39 candidates all vacant will be filled. Till they have to manage within available staff.

  1. Building problem of Supane & Pussesavali.
Reply: As Panchawad, Limb-Gove, Tarale, Parali & Mayani, Post office was shifted and i/r/o Supane no any building with SPM Quarter is available and i/r/o Pussesavali, landlord addressed for repairing the quarter.

  1. Provision of Motor cycle stand at Satara H.O.
Reply: As the proposal already taken to RO, Pune and to A.E. Civil, Pune.

  1. Non supply of generators to B class offices.
Reply: Requirement was already sent to RO, Pune only one Genset sanctioned for Patan.

  1. Facility of motor milage rate to System Administrators as an emergent work.
Reply: All system administrators will have to send their bills with milage allowance per Km. And it will be sanctioned by SSPO’s office.

  1. Appointment of treasurer at Vidyanagar SO.
Reply: Appointment of treasurer was made and i/r/o Satara city and Wai it will be appointed immediately.

  1. Review of Shahupuri, YG Peth, Mangalwar Peth(Str) & Budhwar Naka SO.
Reply: ASP, Satara west addressed for taking revision and staff side will co-operate and ask our SPM to prepare revision case immediately.

  1. Non functioning of Water coolers at Satara H.O., Karad H.O. & Phaltan MDG.
Reply: Sr. Pm, Satara H.O. was asked to repair it immediately and PM, Karad H.O. asked for call for explanation for non working of Water cooler for long time.

  1. Suspension of SPM quarter at Ogalewadi.
Reply: No any proposal for suspension of quarter received from SPM, Ogalewadi.

Agenda item No.1       
Non functioning of Air-coolers at Koregaon, Aundh & Satara H.O. also requirement of Air cooler at Karad H.O.
      Reply: Concern officers were asked to repair it immediately, if it beyond power the same will be sanctioned by SSPO’, Satara.
      Agenda Item No. 2
      Non receipt of TA bills from TA bills to PA’s except DO.
From last two years TA bills for deputations, training except DO not received. It
      is requested to release all bills.

            Reply: All pending bills will be sanctioned immediately.

      Agenda Item No. 3
            Shortage of Group D at Satara City.

            As per establishment 4 Group D’s required at Satara City. At present only one  
      Group D is working. Kindly provide 3 Group D’s or outsiders from GDS.

            Reply: SPM, Satara city will call for GDS for working in vacant post of Group D.

     Agenda Item No. 4                 

            Non  provision of contingency staff to HO & SO’s.

            As per Directorate orders casual labour will not be provided to CO/RO/DO/DAP
and not to appoint any casual labour from 01.12.2010. But your honour ordered
not to engage any contingent to HO and SO’s. CPMG, Andhra Pradesh also
clarified in this matter.

            Reply: Staff side is requested to take proposal with PMG, Pune or CPMG,

     Agenda Item No. 5     
            Imposition of FR-17 (a) on our members-

            As per Directorate instructions contained in Member (P) letter No. 8-27/97-SR (Pt) dated 23.06.1998 and letter no. 8-1/2001-SR dated 07.02.2001 in which it was categorically decided that FR 17(a) can be imposed only in cases of incitement, instances of violence and sabotage etc.
            Perhaps no any incidence was happened during 07.09.2010 one day strike but purposely FR 17(a) has been imposed to harass our members. It can be reviewed.

            Reply: As per order of PMG, Pune the same was happened. Staff side is requested take the item with higher authorities.

      Agenda Item No. 6     
            Grant of TA to official transferred on completion of tenure to the place of their choice.
            As per DG (P) No. 17-3/94-PAP dated 18.12.1995 TA to the officials who is completed the post tenure at one station and transfer on own request. If he tendered the TA bill, it might be passed. In our division TA bills were pending under this item.

            Reply: Officials were sent their request on own cost hence there is no question of sanctioning the bill.

      Agenda Item No. 7
            Opening of Training centre at Satara DO.

            At present there is no training centre at Satara DO. All official from Satara Division order to go training at either at RO, Pune or at PTC, Vadodara. Too many amount of funds is required for the training and shortage made at SO/HO in shortage position.
            If a training centre opened at Satara DO, expenditure will be minimized. Office of ASP Satara West and SDI(P), Satara East is working at DO. A Inspection quarter is vacant at Koregaon for SDI (P), Satara East and a office for ASP, Satara west will worked at Satara City SO, it will be keep watch on measure SO and BO also it will be minimized TA bills of IP and ASP and a training centre will be functioning at Satara DO.

            Reply: The proposal is taken for opening of training center at Satara City.

            At the end of meeting, SSPO’s, Satara requested to achieve the target already allotted to all SPM, GDS for collecting the business because all vacant post of GDS were filled and some were in process, computer stationery was sent to all,  requirements of SO’s, BO’s were fulfilled by SSPO’, Satara hence they have to achieve the target and it will be noted while writing the CR’s.

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  1. Thanks for efforts made. Please continue this good work.
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